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  • ANYONE is entitled to a free one-time 7-day Pass membership subscription.
  • If you are a buyer of the DIY or Ready-Mades, you are entitled to a free upgrade to the 1-year Pass membership upon request, but we are unable to grant this automatically at the moment. We ask that you sign-up for the 7-day Pass and then email us with proof of your prior purchase or from the email you made the purchase. We will upgrade your membership within a week of your request before your 7-day Pass expires. 
  • Customers who have made high volume orders in the past (multiple DIY licenses or multiple Ready-Made Kits) are entitled to an upgrade discount code equivalent to the number of DIY licenses or the number of Ready-Made Kits purchased. For example, if you have purchased 5 Ready-Made Kits, you are entitled to 5 1-year Pass membership upgrades. 
  • While we allow the transfer of DIY license ownership from one person to another within organizations, we cannot transfer 1-year Pass membership upgrades to anyone else once they have been redeemed via the upgrade discount code.
  • Every membership account allows up to 5 simultaneous connections (website logins) to help accommodate multiple devices and assistants you may have in a session. 

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