Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I registered but I still don’t see the content.

A. If you are clicking on the PLAY NOW link and still being asked to register, perhaps you registered for a 1-year Pass without a discount code which means your membership is inactive. Try to change to a 7-day pass from the Membership Profile or email us with proof of prior purchase so we can manually activate your annual pass.

Q: We want to use the game with 15-20 people over Zoom, with those people being divided into 4 groups of 4 or 5 people each.  All of the participants would be logging in from individual sites (15-20 logins plus the 2 facilitators). Is this set up possible with the Remote Edition? 

A: One person per team will need to register for the weekly pass which is free and open to all. The person who will be managing the deck of cards should register for that weekly pass. Your facilitators can also do that, but if they facilitate more than once, they will need an annual pass. To get an annual pass upgrade, prior proof of purchase or new purchase of a DIY license or a Ready-Made kit is required.

Q: We purchased 2 copies of the Ready-Mades. Do we qualify for the free year of Remote Edition Upgrades?

A: Yes. Each unit purchase of DIY or Ready-Mades entitles you to one annual pass upgrade. If you bought two Ready-Made kits, you will get two annual pass upgrades.

Q: Would we need to purchase yearly access upgrades, and if so, how many we would require?

A: We do not offer the Remote Teams edition for purchase on its own at the moment as it is still a beta version and was developed as an add-on tool to respond to the pandemic needs. We don’t know if it will remain as is, or if it will become its own separate product to license. This is why for now, anyone who buys any prior version of the game gets automatic access and we value it in increments equal to the other products. We will gage its demand, value, and cost to maintain and support, and act accordingly in the future. If no decision has been reached in a year and we can still support it as is, we will just extend the licenses.

Q: I see that you allow up to 5 simultaneous logins. Does that mean that we do not need separate accounts for facilitators who play often?

A: We allow this for convenience because people may use multiple devices and stay logged in and they may have sporadic or ad-hoc needs to share with staff, teaching assistants, etc. If you share your user accounts with multiple people, you will need to manage how not to block each other by logging out of devices because technically and legally each facilitator should have their own account. We cannot provide tech support for working around a loophole we created for convenience if you will admit that you are sharing accounts that are not really meant to be shared. We know the loophole will be abused a little bit for practical and human reasons 🙂