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ANYONE is entitled to a free one-time 7-day Pass membership subscription.

Subscription will get you access to the Life Experience Card Virtual Deck (with shuffle and flip-over options) a virtual Genetic Lottery + Social Support Lottery, a die replacement for Tolerable Experiences, built-in links to the instructional video, Game Rule Book, Life Journal, and adjusted directions.

In the Remote Team Edition of the game, you can play from a single page via videoconferencing and screen-sharing in groups (and virtual breakout rooms) of 3-6 people. One person will still need pipe cleaners, straws, and weights, and a functioning webcam :)

How do I upgrade my membership?

  • If you are a buyer of the DIY or Ready-Mades, you are entitled to a FREE upgrade to the 1-year Pass membership. FIRST sign-up for the 7-day Pass and THEN email us that you registered and forward proof of your prior purchase or from the email you made the purchase (and we will find your order). We will locate your name (even without proof of purchase) and upgrade your membership within a week of your request before your 7-day Pass expires.
  • SAVE US FROM EXCESS EMAIL: We cannot upgrade you until you have actually registered in the system, we cannot register you on your behalf, and we are getting an EPIC amount of email. To help us, please REGISTER before you email us. You have nothing to lose and we have everything to gain as we will immediately upgrade you when we receive your upgrade request, especially if you have proof of purchase. But even without proof, we will find you in the system. If you do not register, our email response to you for your upgrade request will be “please register” instead of “you have been upgraded now” :)
  • Customers who have made high volume orders in the past (multiple DIY licenses or multiple Ready-Made Kits) are entitled to an upgrade discount code equivalent to the number of DIY licenses or the number of Ready-Made Kits purchased. For example, if you have purchased 5 Ready-Made Kits, you are entitled to 5 1-year Pass membership upgrades.
  • While we allow the transfer of DIY license ownership from one person to another within organizations, we cannot transfer 1-year Pass membership upgrades to anyone else once they have been redeemed via the upgrade discount code.
  • Every membership account allows up to 5 simultaneous connections (website logins) to help accommodate multiple devices and assistants you may have in a session.

If you have questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for faster service prior to emailing us.

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